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Hauptkommissarin Melanie Wilharm leitet die Ermittlungsgruppe „Cold Case" der Polizeidirektion Braunschweig. Foto: Christophe Gateau /. If you know of a case not listed here or have information you'd like included with an existing page, please contact us with relevant details. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Cold Case - Kein Opfer ist je vergessen überprüfen. Die Polizeibeamte Lilly Rush, die in der Mordkommission von Philadelphia arbeitet. Cold Case - Kein Opfer ist je vergessen Staffel 1. Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) löst Mordfälle, die vor langer Zeit als ungeklärt zu den Akten gelegt wurden. v.l.) stellte auf einer Pressekonferenz die Ermittlungsgruppe "Cold Hierfür hat die in unserer Region zuständige Polizeidirektion Braunschweig eine 42 Fälle in unserer Region tragen stand heute den Status "Cold Case".

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[95] Clarke M: Cold Case Hits Use Vastly Exaggerated DNA „Match“Statistics; Upheld by California Supreme Court. [] Weir BS: The rarity of DNA profiles. Cold Case – Kein Opfer ist je vergessen: Als „Cold Case“ wird in der amerikanischen Rechtssprache ein Mordfall genannt, der bereits vor langer Zeit . Alte Fälle werden neu aufgerollt: Die US-Kriminalserie Cold Case mit Kathryn Morris als ermittelnde Polizistin Lilly Rush ▻ hier entlang! Die gegen die Vergewaltigung sprechende Homosexualität B.s tat das Als sogenannter Cold Case wurden die Ermittlungen routinemäßig von dem für​. Cold Case – Kein Opfer ist je vergessen: Als „Cold Case“ wird in der amerikanischen Rechtssprache ein Mordfall genannt, der bereits vor langer Zeit . Die EG "Cold Cases" der Polizeidirektion Braunschweig mit Sitz in der und erläutern, was genau einen Cold-Case-Fall ausmacht. [95] Clarke M: Cold Case Hits Use Vastly Exaggerated DNA „Match“Statistics; Upheld by California Supreme Court. [] Weir BS: The rarity of DNA profiles. Alte Fälle werden neu aufgerollt: Die US-Kriminalserie Cold Case mit Kathryn Morris als ermittelnde Polizistin Lilly Rush ▻ hier entlang! Braunschweig ots - article source Michael16 geb. Weitere Kollegen sind Lieutenant. Adaption als Cold Case. User am This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you 50667 ausstieg kГ¶ln anna through the website. Selbst nach vielen Jahren können im Einzelfall diese Taten aufgeklärt werden. Lilly Rush Kathryn Morris hat sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, solche Fälle aus den Aktenschränken hervorzuholen und wenn irgend möglich, mit modernen Mitteln endlich zu lösen. Druckversion PDF-Version.

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Jede Episode enthält mehrere Titel verschiedener Interpreten. Interessierte Medienvertreterinnen und -vertreter sind herzlich zur Pressekonferenz eingeladen. Im pathetischen Finale jeder Folge führt Lilly den endlich überführten Täter ab gern bei strömendem Regen , während alle Angehörigen von Opfer und Täter und auch das Opfer selbst um sie herum stehen und betroffen gucken.

On February 17, , year-old Chuckie Mauk was shot in the back of the head after walking out of a Georgia convenience store to buy bubble gum.

Georgia police investigating the murder of a Stone Mountain teenager nearly 8 years ago made an arrest on Friday, less than a month after the case drew national attention on the syndicated Dr.

Oz Show, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Detectives from Fort Wayne, Indiana, traveled to Wisconsin this week to arrest a year-old woman in the stabbing death of her best friend nearly 18 years ago, WANE reported.

The Spokesman-Review reported that Belecz ran away from home after buying herself a new dress. Her mother …. Search for: Close Search.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 … Page Crime Stories. Get Your Daily Crime On! The neighbor of Gerhartsreiter, a con man. After Sohus and his wife Linda disappeared, Gerhartsreiter told other people that they had moved to Europe, and was later pulled over by police while driving Sohus's car under an alias.

In , the dismembered skeleton of a man was disinterred in the Sohus home, but he could not be identified until because Sohus was adopted and his DNA could not be compared to his known relatives.

A licensed pilot's wife who disappeared. Her husband was convicted of murder after it was learned that he took an unexplained two-hour-flight over the Atlantic Ocean the day she went missing.

Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. Eight African-American women raped and in the first seven cases, murdered by a serial killer who went dormant for two decades after the last victim survived.

Law enforcement was led to Franklin after the killer's DNA was partially matched to his son, who was incarcerated on an unrelated weapons charge, in A full match was subsequently extracted from a piece of pizza partially eaten by Franklin.

Sacramento, California , USA. A computer store owner killed by a bomb planted in his parking lot by a neo-luddite terrorist. Brussels , Belgium.

Sherri Rasmussen. A year-old woman killed during a home invasion. The case was classified as a robbery gone wrong until , when DNA from a bite mark on Rasmussen's body was identified as female and detectives reviewing the case determined that the robbery had been staged.

The DNA was positively matched to Lazarus, who had had an affair with Rasmussen's husband shortly before she was killed.

A six-year-old girl who disappeared from her father's backyard while he was taking a nap. The father confessed to the murder in a psychotic episode, but was later exonerated.

Clark offered to disclose the body's location as part of a plea deal; though the deal was not made, he still showed police where to find Dorr's body after his conviction.

Bondi, New South Wales , Australia. A nine-year-old girl abducted from her home. Guider, a self-educated expert on Aboriginal sites of the Sydney area, aroused the suspicions of journalists working with him when he made several bizarre statements about Knight.

Eventually, Guider confessed to have drugged and molested several girls in New South Wales through the s, with Knight dying from an accidental overdose.

Guider also led police to the place he buried Knight; no body was found, likely because the area was altered later for development, but cadaver dogs reacted positively to the site.

Atlanta , Georgia , USA. A year-old woman killed by a hitman Harwood on behalf of her ex-husband Sullivan , who was in Florida at the time of the murder.

Sullivan fled to Thailand after Harwood was arrested in , but was extradited to the US in A year-old woman from Texas who disappeared after being hired by Robinson.

Carlina White. A day-old infant kidnapped from Harlem Hospital Center by a woman posing as a nurse, who then raised her as her own daughter.

White raised as Nejdra "Netty" Nance solved her own kidnapping when she was 23 years old, after checking missing children websites and contacting her birth family.

Victims of Fourniret's first serial raping and killing spree. After going dormant in , Fourniret resumed his crimes in Belgium in , and killed two more teenage girls before being apprehended in Chattanooga , Tennessee , USA.

Three men shot for trespassing in private farmland while going for a swim. The conviction rested on the three men being registered in a logbook of trespassers kept by Casteel and given to police by his mistress.

A year-old woman who was raped and murdered during a road trip from Billings, Montana to Cody, Wyoming. In , male DNA found in Kimmel's body was matched to Eaton, who was serving a sentence for a kidnapping in Colorado.

Kimmel's car was also found buried in Eaton's property. Lockerbie , Scotland , UK. A transatlantic flight covering the route between Frankfurt and Detroit that was destroyed by a bomb, killing all passengers, 16 crew and 11 people on the ground.

Two employees at Libyan Arab Airlines were tried in a special court set in Camp Zeist , Netherlands , with al-Megrahi being found guilty and sentenced to life in prison and the other, Lamin Khalifah Fhimah , being acquitted.

An year-old exotic dancer who disappeared after having an argument with Floyd, the husband of a coworker, Sharon Marshall. Commesso's remains were found in and identified in Around the same time, pictures depicting Commesso bound and beaten were found in a truck stolen by Floyd in Oklahoma and abandoned in Texas.

Floyd was initially deemed unfit to stand trial on the grounds of mental health, which he denied and fought vigorously. He was subsequently tried and sentenced to death.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee , USA. Two eight and seven-year-old siblings kidnapped by their grandparents and taken to San Jose, California , where they lived under aliases until they were identified in Maple's wife faced no charges because she had already died in , but he was extradited to Tennessee and sentenced to four years probation.

The grandchildren refused to reunite with their parents. A year-old woman who was raped, had her neck snapped, and was left to drown with the tide.

Erskine, already on death row for two other murders , pleaded guilty after a DNA match was made in Jacob Wetterling.

An year-old boy who was abducted while he biked home with his younger brother and a friend. Heinrich, who had been a person of interest in the case for a long time, confessed to having raped and murdered Wetterling only after he was arrested for possession of child pornography decades later.

Heinrich also led police to Wetterling's remains as part of a plea deal. Tsutsumi, Satoko and Tatsuhiko Sakamoto. Yokohama , Kanagawa , Japan.

A year-old lawyer working on a class action lawsuit against Aum Shinrikyo , his year-old wife and month-old son, all of them murdered in their home by members of the cult.

Their bodies were buried in metal drums in different rural areas of Niigata , Toyama and Nagano , where they remained unnoticed until members of the cult confessed and led Police to the sites in the aftermath of the Tokyo subway sarin gas attack.

The cult's leader, Asahara, was also convicted as the inductor of the murders, while a fourth material participant, Hideo Murai , was murdered before the trial.

A college student who was raped and killed while training for the New York City Marathon. Sanchez was identified as the perpetrator during the revision of the case against Anthony Capozzi , who was wrongfully imprisoned for 21 years for two rapes committed with the same modus operandi.

A year-old girl from Columbus who was abducted from a home for troubled teens and raped. At one point, Keen escaped and tried to hide in Foster Chapel Cemetery, but her abductor found her and beat her to death with a headstone.

Police suspected of her year-old boyfriend, but he was ruled out by DNA. The same evidence later led them to Smith, who confessed and pleaded guilty in exchange for not facing the death penalty.

A five-year-old boy reported missing by his mother, Lodzinski, at a carnival on National Missing Children's Day. Lodzinski became a suspect when she told contradictory versions about how her son went missing, and she was arrested after Wiltsey's babysitters recognized the blanket found wrapped around Wiltsey's body as coming from Lodzinski's house.

Jaycee Dugard. An year-old girl abducted from the street and kept in captivity for two decades, during which she was raped and had two daughters with her captor.

The Garridos were arrested after Phillip took the daughters to a Berkeley campus and arouse suspicions because, as a convicted sex offender, he was not allowed to be near children.

An year-old girl abducted while coming home from a Girl Scouts Halloween party, raped, and subsequently killed when she was thrown from a railroad bridge.

The perpetrators were identified after a DNA match was made to O'Brien, who was serving a prison sentence for another attempted kidnapping in The year-old prison librarian at Western Missouri Correctional Facility, where Robinson was imprisoned for fraud between and Upon his release, Bonner left her husband for Robinson and promptly disappeared, while Robinson continued to cash in her alimony checks.

In , her body was discovered in a metal drum stored in a garage rented by Robinson. Castro, Rico L. Solis, Thomas Mennes, Marcus Nellsen.

Palatine, Illinois , USA. Luna, a former employee, and Degorski, whom he had met in high school, became suspects when Degorski's girlfriend denounced them in March Luna confessed after he was matched to DNA recovered from a half-eaten chicken in the freezer.

Charlie Keever, Jonathan Sellers. San Diego County , California. Two boys, one 13 and another 9 years-old, who disappeared during a bike ride and were later found murdered.

Sellers, who was African-American, was hanged on a tree, while Keever was raped and sexually mutilated. In March , DNA retrieved from Keever's mouth was matched to Erskine, who was imprisoned for a rape committed six months after the murders.

Gustavo Romero Tercero. A young couple abducted from a public park, robbed and murdered the woman was also raped. Romero, who fled to the Canary Islands shortly after the murder, was identified as the culprit when he was arrested for domestic violence in and his DNA was matched to that found at the scene.

He confessed and led investigators to the place where he had thrown the murder weapon. Lead singer of the punk band The Gits , who was raped and murdered while coming home from a music venue.

Edappal , Kerala , India. Progressive Islamic cleric abducted from his home by members of A. Aboobacker Musalyar's ultraorthodox Muslim sect.

Hamsa was the only convicted of ten people charged. Two prostitutes killed while working. Bittrolff became a suspect when his brother Timothy was arrested for an unrelated charge and he was partially matched to DNA found on the victims.

Subsequently, Bittrolff provided a full match. Bittrolff is also a suspect in the murder of a third woman, Sandra Costilla, who was found dead in North Sea, New York on November 20, , and in at least one of the murders attributed to the unidentified Long Island Serial Killer.

A year-old woman and her year-old daughter, who used a wheelchair due to spina bifida , from Fullerton, California. The Faiths moved to the Kansas City area after Sheila met Robinson through the internet and he offered her a job and to pay for Debbie's medical expenses.

Afterward, Robinson cashed in Debbie's pension checks for seven years. Their remains were found at the same garage as Bonner's, also in metal drums.

A year-old lawyer who was kidnapped, fatally tortured and subsequently incinerated by Aum Shinrikyo, who wanted to learn the whereabouts of Kariya's sister after she defected from the cult.

Hirata surrendered to authorities in and confessed to the abduction, but not to the murder which remains unsolved. A college professor [21] who was the target of a false flag bombing by Aum Shimada was considered sympathetic to Aum, and the attack intended to deviate attention from the coming subway attacks , but he was unharmed.

Hirata was convicted for the bombing despite denying any role in it. Kiplyn Davis. A year-old girl who was last seen at high school.

Olsen pleaded guilty to her manslaughter , although he claims he only helped the real killer bury the body, and refuses to name the killer or the place of burial.

A year-old runaway who was held in captivity by a security guard who worked at her school, until she escaped.

A year-old man who disappeared after accompanying Wynn to buy a car. The main break in the case came years later when Wynn, a career con man with no known job, sold a pendant with a large diamond to his aunt that was identical to one that Wykel always wore on a ring, even when he restored cars.

Microscopic examination of the diamond found marks consistent with the activity of Wykel, which together with its identical size and cut constituted proof that it was indeed the same diamond.

Janet Levine March. A year-old woman who supposedly abandoned her family after she had an argument with her husband, Perry March. Her car, with all the items she took and her hairs in the trunk, was found in a parking lot with signs of not having been moved in several days.

After a long legal battle with Janet's parents during which March was found liable for her wrongful death, had that conviction overturned, and fled with the children briefly to Mexico , Perry's father, Arthur, confessed that he had dug up and burned her remains, years after his son murdered her.

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , USA. An infant girl who disappeared during a house fire. The fire was ruled accidental and the body was assumed to have been completely destroyed by fire, although her mother, Luz Cuevas, was convinced that she had been abducted.

Six years later, Cuevas met Vera at a birthday party and immediately suspected due to the strong resemblance between her and the girl.

A DNA test proved that she was indeed her daughter. The abductor and arsonist was a friend of a distant relative of Vera's father.

Lousada , Norte Region, Portugal. An year-old boy who disappeared after his mother forbid him from seeing his year-old friend, Afonso Dias.

Dias was thoroughly investigated as a suspect but he could only be convicted of corruption of a minor after a prostitute testified in that he had attempted to hire her to have sex with Teixeira, against Teixeira's will, in the day he disappeared.

A year-old woman who disappeared while cycling on a rural road; only her backpack, smeared with her vomit and a man's blood, was found in the area, while her bicycle was found in a well two years later.

When DNA identified Romero as the source of the blood, he confessed to the murder and led investigators to an empty well where he had thrown the body.

Victims of Franklin's second spree, who was nicknamed "The Grim Sleeper" for the long period of inactivity between them.

See above. Cleveland, Ohio , USA. Three young women abducted in successive years from the same street and held in captivity for ten years until Berry who also had a daughter with her captor escaped.

An year-old boy who disappeared while cycling to a friend's house. After four years with no leads, Hornbeck was found alive in Devlin's home, when Police came to investigate the disappearance of another year-old boy, Ben Ownby , who was also found alive there.

The owner and employees of a motorcycle shop, all shot for no apparent reason. Kohlhepp confessed to the murders after he was arrested for an unrelated double kidnapping and murder in Sunshine Coast, Queensland , Australia.

A year-old boy abducted from a bus stop after the bus failed to stop and let him in. The case was revived in after Police placed a clay model of a suspicious man seen in the same road at the time Morcombe disappeared and called possible witnesses to come forward; this resulted in both Cowan and his white Mitsubishi Pajero being placed in the scene of the crime.

Morcombe's remains were found in the Glass House Mountains a week after Cowan's arrest. Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and Khandalyce Pearce. Alice Springs , Northern Territory, Australia.

A mother and daughter who disappeared together. Their family reported them missing in , but subsequently withdrew the notice when Holdom's new romantic partner impersonated Pearce-Stevenson and used her phone and Facebook to make it look like they were still alive.

Morgan Harrington. Charlottesville, Virginia , USA. A year-old college student who disappeared while attending a Metallica concert and was found murdered six months later.

Forensic evidence identified the culprit as the same perpetrator of the murder of Hannah Graham in , who was in turn identified as Matthew due to him being recorded by CCTV with Graham before her murder.

Matthew pleaded guilty to both murders and all other related charges in Osa de la Vega , New Castile , Spain.

A year-old shepherd from nearby Tresjuncos who disappeared after an animal sale. Grimaldos's family accused two wardens from Osa who had bullied Grimaldos previously, and they confessed to the crime after being brutally tortured.

In , the accused were sentenced to 18 years in prison for the murder, but they were paroled in The next year, Grimaldos was discovered to have been living in Mira for the past 16 years, when he surprisingly traveled to Tresjuncos to request his birth certificate.

The previous conviction was overturned and the convicted compensated. Joseph Henry Loveless was a year-old habitual criminal living under the alias Walter Cairns.

He disappeared after escaping from the county jail in , where he had been charged with killing his wife with an axe.

His dismembered remains, minus his head, were discovered buried in a shallow grave deep in an Idaho cave system in and He remained unidentified until the end of The identification, confirmed by the Clark County Sheriff's Office, was initially made by non-profit volunteer organization DNA Doe Project using genetic fingerprinting.

Clothes found with the remains matched the description of those Loveless was wearing when he made his escape. Surrey, British Columbia , Canada.

Johnson was reported missing by her husband on May 14, , years after she was seen by anyone else.

For decades, she was listed as a missing person and her husband was investigated as a suspect even after he died in the s.

In , Johnson was found alive in Whitehorse, Yukon , where she had remarried and had other children. She claimed she abandoned her first family because her husband was physically abusive.

Boston, Massachusetts , USA. Last victim attributed to the Boston Strangler , who was raped and strangled with two scarves in her home.

While DeSalvo confessed to being the Strangler, he was tried for several unrelated rapes only and was sentenced to life in prison, where he was murdered in Forty years later, his body was exhumed and his DNA matched to semen found at the crime scene.

Doubts remain about DeSalvo's relation to the other Strangler murders. Waterbury, Connecticut , USA. A year-old woman shot with the gun of her live-in boyfriend, Sponza, who had ties to organized crime.

The death was ruled an accident resulting from McDermott picking up the gun while Sponza was cleaning it. However, the case was reinvestigated decades later at the request of McDermott's son, actor Dylan McDermott , and ruled a homicide by Sponza.

Sponza was himself murdered in and his murder remains unsolved. Andrew Lee Muns. Subic Bay , Philippines.

Muns was officially listed as a thief and a deserter until the NCIS started an investigation at the request of Muns's family, 30 years later.

LeBrun, who also worked at the reimbursing office at the time, confessed to being the real thief, to have murdered Muns when he confronted him over it, and to have disposed of the body in one of the ship's tankers.

However, he recanted later and the confession was considered not admissible before the court. Nevertheless, Muns was officially cleared and given a burial with military honors at Arlington Cemetery.

A year-old Salvadoran immigrant who was having an extra-marital affair with Elkins when she disappeared, and was never reported missing.

She was pregnant at the time of her death, and a DNA test of the fetus identified Elkins as the father. Elkins committed suicide the day after he was interrogated by detectives about the murder.

A year-old newlywed who was sodomized with a candlestick and murdered while praying at Stanford Memorial Church in Stanford University.

Crawford, the security guard who found the body, was identified as the culprit after a DNA test was performed on semen found at the scene.

The same evidence had earlier excluded Crawford after being tested with more primitive technology. Crawford shot himself when police arrived at his residence with a search warrant.

A young girl kidnapped by Floyd, her stepfather, while her mother was serving a month sentence in prison. Floyd subsequently raised and married Sevakis under different aliases.

Sevakis, then known as "Sharon Marshall", died in a suspicious hit and run in and her real identity remained a mystery until In , several photographs depicting Sevakis being sexually abused were found in a truck stolen and abandoned shortly after by Floyd.

She could be as young as four years old in some images. Joseph James DeAngelo. Claude Snelling, a year-old journalism professor, was fatally shot when he intervened in the attempted kidnapping of his year-old daughter by the prolific, unidentified burglar known as the Visalia Ransacker ; McGowen, a detective, was non-fatally shot by the Ransacker when he tried to arrest him.

The Ransacker escaped and vanished afterward. In , police announced that the Ransacker was also the unidentified serial killer known as the Original Night Stalker , and that his real identity was DeAngelo, who was identified as the Stalker by a DNA match.

DeAngelo was a police officer in nearby Exeter during the Ransacker's spree. DeAngelo was charged with Snelling's murder because of undisclosed, non-genetic evidence.

A young couple chased and fatally shot while walking their dog at night. The murders were attributed to the unidentified East Area Rapist, who committed over 50 home invasions and rapes around the time in Northern California , after pre-tied shoelaces with his signature diamond-type knot were found at the crime scene.

DeAngelo was charged with their murders. Allenstown Four. Terrence Peder Rasmussen. A woman and three young girls, all of them unidentified, whose bodies were found inside two steel barrels abandoned in Bear Brook State Park.

The woman and two of the girls were maternally related, and the third girl, aged 4, was identified as Rasmussen's biological daughter in Rasmussen had worked for the owner of the property between and , using the alias "Robert Evans".

He died in prison in , while serving a sentence for murdering his wife in DeAngelo was identified by police after DNA from the crime scenes was uploaded to a fake profile in the open-source DNA database GEDmatch , and found to have distant relatives among its users.

DeAngelo was charged with all murders and is pending trial. Suzanne Bombardier. A year-old girl kidnapped, raped and stabbed to death.

Her body was found floating in the San Joaquin River. DNA found in the body was matched to Bacom, a registered sex offender with three prison sentences served.

A woman, Denise, and her six-month-old daughter, Dawn, who disappeared with Rasmussen. The daughter was abandoned by Rasmussen in Scotts Valley, California in , after raising her alone for some time, and also neglecting and molesting her.

Dawn discovered her real identity through genealogy websites when she was Denise Beaudin was excluded as the unidentified adult decedent at Allenstown and her whereabouts are unknown, but she is presumed murdered by Rasmussen.

Tucson , Arizona , USA.

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Clark Perry Baldwin, 58, told the court an Iowa investigator spoke with him after his arrest and asked about a local case, according to ….

On February 17, , year-old Chuckie Mauk was shot in the back of the head after walking out of a Georgia convenience store to buy bubble gum.

Georgia police investigating the murder of a Stone Mountain teenager nearly 8 years ago made an arrest on Friday, less than a month after the case drew national attention on the syndicated Dr.

Oz Show, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Detectives from Fort Wayne, Indiana, traveled to Wisconsin this week to arrest a year-old woman in the stabbing death of her best friend nearly 18 years ago, WANE reported.

The Spokesman-Review reported that Belecz ran away from home after buying herself a new dress. Her mother ….

Search for: Close Search. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 … Page Crime Stories. Dawes County Attorney Vance Haug said his death is an " unresolved death case.

A book and a documentary , both called " Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere" explore the case.

Rapper Tupac Shakur was killed on September 7, , at 25 years old. He was shot while stopped at a red light in Las Vegas. Gang rivalries were suspected as a motive, but his death has spawned a host of conspiracy theories , including some that believe he's still alive.

His alleged eighth victim survived. In , Jane Boroski, who was seven months pregnant, was approached in a convenience store parking lot by a man who proceeded to stab her 27 times.

She managed to drive to a friend's house, and both she and her baby survived the attack. After that, the killings stopped.

Boroski provided the police with a description and partial license plate of the man, but he was never identified. When a woman walking her dog found a human bone in , she had no idea she had come across one of the biggest crime scenes in US history.

She had found a acre patch of desert in Albuquerque's Southwest Mesa that was littered with the remains of 11 women.

The 11 women buried there had all had connections to drugs and prostitution, and it took police a year to identify all of the remains. They came up with a small pool of suspects, but no one was ever charged.

Abe Lebewohl was known as the mayor of Second Ave, feeding homeless people and high society members alike at his restaurant.

The gun was recovered in Central Park three days later, and police released a sketch of the suspect, but the case is still unsolved more than 20 years later.

Evelyn Williams, 72, an active member of the community in the small town of Pinehurst, North Carolina. When she was found with her throat slashed in a utility room outside her garage in , the killer left no clues and detectives were baffled.

The News and Observer calls it Moore County's "coldest case. But after years, the identities of the victims remain unknown.

The bodies had only been found after Butler's death. Inforum calls it " one of the state's biggest murder mysteries.

From to , the "Cleveland Torso Murderer" beheaded and frequently dismembered its victims — seven men and five women in total.

Some of the victims couldn't even be identified due to their incomplete remains. The murders have been the subject of public fascination as well as both nonfiction and fiction books.

The women had all been involved with prostitution, and cocaine residue was found in each of their systems, suggesting that the killer targeted women from the underground drug trade along Cache Road in Lawton.

They woke up to a truck driving over their tent. A man then got out of the truck and started attacking them with an ax. Jentz was left with broken bones, and Weiss was left blind.

Jentz returned to Cline Falls 15 years later to investigate the crime herself, but the attacker was never found. She wrote a book about her experience called " Strange Piece of Paradise.

On February 26, , the body of a small boy was found beaten and disposed of in a box on Susquehanna Road in Philadelphia.

Police estimated that the boy was between 4 and 6 years old. There were no signs of forced entry , leading police to believe she knew her attacker.

After 30 years, there still isn't enough evidence to file charges or a conviction. He said a masked man had carried out the attack, but investigators considered him the prime suspect.

He was acquitted a year later when a jury found him not guilty. Then-Attorney General Mark Meierhenry said the trial was the " most-covered, watched and listened-to case in the recent history of the state.

In the s, '80s, and even into the '90s, bodies of redheaded women were found in Memphis, Jellico, Ashland City, and Greenville, Tennessee, as well as Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.

All of the bodies were found along major highways , suggesting that they were hitchhiking or working in prostitution, according to the Gasden Times.

They were dubbed "The Redhead Murders. Local authorities from all five states enlisted the help of the FBI to track down the serial killer, but they have continued to elude arrest.

Cheryl Henry, 22, and Andy Atkinson, 21, drove into a secluded patch of woods in Houston dubbed a "lover's lane" on August 22, They never came back out.

Atkinson was found tied to a tree with his throat slashed to the point where he was almost decapitated. Henry was found naked, buried under a stack of boards.

She'd been raped and her throat had also been cut. Police are using new DNA technology to try to confirm a potential suspect, but no one has been charged or convicted.

On February 9, , year-old Sonia Mejia, who was six months pregnant, was sexually assaulted and strangled to death in Taylorsville, Utah.

However, the "February 9 Killer" has yet to be identified and apprehended. Some have also reported UFO activity and Bigfoot sightings in the area.

Author Joseph Citro coined the term "Bennington Triangle" in From to , a series of murders along Virginia's historic Colonial Parkway claimed the lives of eight people in their teens and twenties.

The FBI got involved , even asking Russia to view satellite footage of the area , but no one was ever arrested. In , two couples disappeared in the wooded areas of Pierce and Lewis counties.

Steven Harkins and his girlfriend Ruth Cooper were found dead. Then Mike Riemer disappeared, while his girlfriend, Diana Robertson, was found dead.

In both cases, the women had tube socks tied around their necks. In , Mike Riemer was also confirmed dead when part of his skull was found near Mineral.

A fire broke out in the Sodder home on Christmas Eve in Four of their nine children escaped. But when the blaze was finally put out, firefighters found no trace of their other five children.

Fire Chief F. Morris concluded that the fire had been hot enough to cremate the bodies , and death certificates were issued.

But witnesses said they saw the children after the fire, and 20 years later, the mother, Jennie, received a photo in the mail labeled Louis Sodder — their son who was nine at the time of the fire.

Did they die in the fire? Are the Sodder children still out there somewhere? No one knows for sure.

Between and , seven women affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison were killed by strangling and stabbing. All of the victims had long hair and lived in Madison, suggesting that the murders were the work of a serial killer or killers.

But others on the police force didn't think all of the cases were connected. The murders became known as the "Capital City Killings.

When Sessions decided to open it years later, he found human bones. The remains dated back to the early s and the trunk's lock dated back to the s, ruling out Gabby as a suspect.

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World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Talia Lakritz. Snapchat icon A ghost. Louis in in a case that still haunts detectives.

Bittrolff became a suspect when his brother Timothy was arrested for an unrelated charge and he was read more matched to Continue reading found on the victims. Bittrolff is also a suspect in the murder of a third woman, Sandra Costilla, wunder film 2019 was link dead in North Sea, New York on November 20,and at least one of the murders attributed to the unidentified Indiana and the fate of Island Serial Killer. Janet Levine March. Gustavo Romero Tercero. Kat Miller episodes, Metacritic Reviews. As time goes on, these cases get colder and colder and the shroud of mystery thicker. Katherine and Sheila Lyon.

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